Art110 Feedback

Taking Art110 with Professor Glen Zucman is definitely a fun and new experience! My top 3 favorite activities this semester were Finger Painting, Graffiti Writing, and Plaster Casting (in that order). Finger Painting was a relaxing activity and made me feel like I can actually paint. Graffiti writing was really cool because it was an activity that allowed us or most of us to do something we don’t do everyday or ever! Plaster Casting was super fun and the best part was that I was able to share this activity with my husband. 

My least 3 favorite activities were automatic drawing, zines & flipbooks, and landscapes with a corpse. The automatic drawing was a little difficult because my partner had a very hard time relaxing and basically thought it was not possible that our hands kind of just went with the flow. The flip book activity was one of my least favorite because it was difficult trying to create my own flip book. I have no talent in drawing and making stick figures was a little boring compared to those my classmates did. The other activity that was not my favorite was that of the landscape with a corpse because I’m not very photogenic and it was out of my comfort zone, not because of the idea but because I don’t enjoy too much being photographed. 

The hybrid format of this class was very flexible. The gallery visits were very enjoyable and gave me the opportunity to learn about how talented students on CSULB campus are. The artists conversations allowed me to really get to know the meaning of the artists artwork. Classmate conversations were a little nerve wrecking and out of my comfort zone but they were also helpful because they taught me the importance of face to face conversations and of course allowed me to meet new people.

The weekly blog posts from Professor Zucman were helpful and seeing the work my other classmates was very cool. A lot of them are very talented and creative also helped with my creativity. Posting to wordpress was a learning experience and it is important to have something like that available if someone googles our names. 

The Art Talk OTW videos were very useful and informational. It gave us a lot of information but it was not in a boring way. I learned a lot about art and got to read some thoughts my classmates have. Overall this class was very fun and I would recommend others to take Art110 with Glen Zucman! 


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