Wk15-Artist Conversation-Brittany Waters

Artist: Brittany Waters

Media: Ceramics

Email: brittanywaters27@gmail.com

Instagram: artbywaters

Brittany Waters is currently working  on her BFA degree in the School of Art’s ceramics program and will be graduating in the spring. As a child her father would draw for her, she has always been interested and had a passion for art. Currently Brittany is working on her final and only gave us a hint that it was going to include ceramic cellphones with screenshots.

Brittany Waters usually creates art work based on the inspiration she gets from the nature that surrounds her like the turtles she created. She started making ocean animals when she moved to Long Beach and when she was living near the forest, she would work with greens and browns. Now she mostly works with vivid colors like blues and greens. At the age of 12 Brittany saw and touched her first sea turtle in Hawaii, which is not allowed but definitely an experience any kid would not want to miss out. At the age of 22 she went back to Hawaii, went scuba diving and saw sea turtles again. Waters has worked with other animals like frogs, octopi, and other sea animals. Her sea turtles took different amount of time making and sculpting the plates took couple of hours, jewelry she made it in about 10 to 30 minutes, and making the mold of turtles took about 45 to 1 hour.

Brittany shared with me about an article that was written on one of her previous show named Exposed: Don’t Let Them See The Damage that was inspired by anxiety. The pictures the article included of her work were very powerful and I can relate to them.


Fun fact about Brittany Waters her favorite color is pink but the reason she doesn’t work with pink because it is a hard color to work with in ceramics.


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