Wk15-Activity-Finger Painting 

I can’t remember the last time I finger painted maybe it was when I was small.  This activity was actually really relaxing, it really took my mind off of things. Even the colors were warm and I did not think of painting an actual something, I kind of just went with the flow but the end result looked like a summery landscape. Making a paint without a subject was liberating because there was no thought going into it just more like feeling and my hands fingers were just tapping paint onto a paper like I said it was very relaxing.

The process of finger painting was easier than I thought because I did not have to think about what I was going to paint, it is a little stressful having to paint something because I am a horrible painter.

The activity was very different from graffiti  writing I guess what was similar was that it is painting and with paint we can create whatever we want and it becomes art. The difference is that the texture of paint is different and the technique is definitely different.


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