Wk14-Activity-Instagram Day

Instagram day was interesting, I don’t usually post on my instagram unless it’s an important event or I snapped a good picture so posting pictures of my day was out of the usual. The pictures that I posted included my classmate conversation with Nkechi, the pizza I had for dinner, my last class, and how I ended my day with a warm bath. I didn’t do anything out of the usual it was like any other Wednesday.

From looking at our “big selfie” I noticed some of the similar activities my classmates had were those eating a tasty lunch or dinner which could have been  pizza or even some type of snack like a banana.  Other things we had in common were the time we spent  with our pets either cats or dogs and obviously time spent on campus studying or sitting on the grass before the next class.

In a way it feels like a community because we have a lot of things in common but maybe for people like me that don’t spend much time on campus I’m more disconnected than maybe others who spend more time on campus.

I really liked these pictures, a black and white filter always add a nice touch on photos. On campus and appreciating nature, some of the things we have in common.


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