Wk5-Activity-Graffiti Writing

This week’s art activity was a bit difficult only because I do not usually use spray paint nor am I the best at using it. But it was a good experience and I was satisfied with my final product. The process of my graffiti writing was difficult at the beginning and what really helped was the tip my husband gave which was first spray paint the bottom color and add the black outline. Watching the videos helped and I was impressed on how much talent graffiti artist have.

Some people may not see graffiti writing as an art and rather see it as tagging that makes walls look ugly but I don’t see that way, I think graffiti is a beautiful kind of art that brings color to walls. That is what is the most attractive, in my opinion, especially the oranges, the greens, and the blues. The other thing that I like is that going to LA we can see many of those as well as paintings of people that made a difference like that of Cesar Chavez.


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