Wk4-Activity-Automatic Drawing

Creating an automatic drawing was a new experience for me as well as for my husband who was my partner in this activity. The process was a bit difficult since he had a hard time relaxing and it felt like he was actually trying to draw something.

It was a fun experience because I kept on repeating to my husband to relax and just let his hand “go with the flow”. He responded that it would not work because his hands would just fall. So we kept on trying and trying; he played Arabic music to just relax and it was just funny. I think the problem was that he was just pressing too hard on the pencil maybe even thinking too hard about it. This is what our ending product looked like. It was definitely something new for both of us but it was a fun learning experience. IMG_20161203_010951.jpgTo make our artwork more attractive we added some color and this is what we came up with. A funner enhanced version of our automatic drawing.

A Very Rare Flower With Sunshine

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