Wk3-Artist Conversation-Alvaro A.S.F

Artist: Alvaro Fall

Exhibition: A Response to Classical Music

Media: Paint, wire, music, installation

Gallery:CSULB School of Art, Werby

Email: arturo830@gmail.com

Website: In progress

Alvaro Fall is an undergraduate student  working on his BFA in the School of Arts, he is a transfer student so he mentioned he still getting used to the terminology. Alvaro is the first in his family to go to college, he grew up having difficulties learning the English language but since he was small he knew and already had a passion for art. His parents are from Guatemala and he was brought here at the age of eight. Alvaro’s parents had always questioned him about how he was to make a living from art but now that they see what he is doing they are really supportive. After getting his BFA he wants to get a teacher credential and at first work with kids and later with adults but he does not want to teach them about art he wants to inspire them to do art pieces of their own.


A Response to Classical Music  includes installation, paint, wire, and even a video. Alvaro starts out by putting a white canvas with white clothing on the left side of the gallery. With one particular item allowing the audience to capture that something is about to happen, a black tray with colorful paint in it. As we walk to the other side of the gallery in the center there is a video, with Beethoven Overture Fidelio as the audio. At the end of the gallery we see a sort of “ending product” sculpture that includes wire and clothing the artist used to create this sculpture. The wire and the clothing give the art piece a 3D look instead of only being flat, like Alvaro mentioned. He did’t want his art piece to be boring so he added those objects. In his art work we also find white buckets kind of sitting in the middle.

Alvaro’s artwork very much captured my attention because even though at times it looked like he was dancing to classical music he was not. He just responded to the music that way. He said he was not thinking of anything and that everything else just left his mind, the only thing as we see in the video was his body responding to classical music. He said he chose classical music because it is not something he listens to everyday and it is not the type of music most of us listen to either. I like how with his response to classical music he was in search of new experience and language using different parts of his body and it really  gave me the opportunity to in a way experience that with him.

What captured me the most from this art work was how passionately Alvaro spoke about it. He used hand gestures and as the audience it was like listening to the most interesting story I have ever read. The first time I walked into the gallery and saw everything it was a bit confusing and didn’t really interest me but still I listened to what he had to say about it it and it left me with my mouth open. In a way kind of like what he said, he said that the first time he saw the video he did not like it at all and thought it was “garbage” but after he saw it a couple more times he liked and saw how his body was responding to classical music. I went back in there and was able to see his process and experience that response with him and it was pretty amazing. I had never seen an art piece like this one and in a way kind of relaxing seeing it because everything else left my mind and it was just me observing someones body respond to music I don’t listen to either. He is planning to do another art piece like this one but for now stick with classical music because it is something he does not listen to all the time.

Alvaro Fall, passionately sharing his experience.

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