Wk2- Classmate Conversation- Tiffany


This week I met Tiffany Phan she is a 2 year majoring in International Studies, before she was an interior design major. She is from Long Beach and lives super close to campus, pretty lucky, she can wake up later. Tiffany has two sisters and went to Wilson High School. She pretty much grew up in Long Beach. We actually have another class together, Econ 100 it was kind of funny finding out we had another class together.

Tiffany is in Alpha Phi Omega a Co-ed Fraternity that focuses on community service, so they have a lot of events where they can add up their community hours. Tiffany recently quit her job at TJ Max, she had been working there since high school. That is another thing we have in common I just quit my job too. We both want to focus on school. She does think art is important  because it is everywhere, we see it in technology, movies, and it really allows people creativity to show. We enjoy the art, especially movies. I’m glad I met Tiffany now I know if I need help Econ we can help each other.


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