Wk2- Art Activity- Landscape with a Corpse

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This week my experience on Landscape with a Corpse involved my death at a park. I had no idea what kind of scenery  or what kind of story I wanted to be captured from the photos that were going to be taken. So these pictures were not planned they just came as my husband and I took our princess to the dog park before going to a church activity. My husband really wanted to use blood so he actually prepared some using water and strawberry gelatin mix.

The first set of pictures that we took involved me dead at one of the tables but they didn’t look so well. I really did not like them so much so I kinda just gave up, thought something else would pop up into my head. So it did, when we were walking we saw a hole with concrete around it. and I was wearing heels so I thought it could be a death that included things that could kill me.

The cause of my death was because I fell into the hole, and hit my head on the concrete. The whole activity was pretty funny, its not easy trying to pose like I actually fell. Real death not funny at all. I guess walking away from this experience was the best part, I know that once I die I won’t be able to take it back, won’t be able to get up, don’t even exactly know what will happen after death.


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