Wk1-Art Experience-Plaster Casting

This week’s art activity was really relaxing. Doing something different out of the usual routine was actually fun! The best part of it all was that I was able to share and do my artwork with my husband. Plus having it being the first Saturday off of work in like forever was great as well.

The process of my artwork ran very smooth but I was a little scared of messing up. Since I was unable to buy the art kit, I had to go to the Home Depot but fortunately I was able to find everything there, like Professer Zucman had said. So my idea was to create my plaster sculpture of my foot but creating the mold was not very easy. Taking my foot out without destroying the mold was a little difficult, so I gave up and thought it was easier to do my hand. Which it was, although I couldn’t see if the fingers were separated enough we just went for it and prepared the mix and poured it in.

The finishing product was actually cute, my hand looked like a baby’s hand. A little deformed but it looked funny and adorable since the fingers came out so tiny. My husband’s hand was actually interesting looks like the hand gesture a villain does when laughing at their evil plan. Overall it was a cool and fun experience, learning as well. Learning to do something new with plaster.





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